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This song is by Dikta and appears on the album Hunting For Happiness (2005).

How would you feel, looking at those faces,
Knowing they control your future?
How would you feel, staring into those eyes,
If you were only eighteen years of age?

There has always been ignorance and blindness
But not among those perfect peers, right?
There has always been prejudice and hatred
So tell me how you find these twelve right ones

Tell me, little boy
Why's your hair so black?
Why do you listen to music
That sounds like that?

So tell me, little boy
What's that book in your hand?
Who have you talked to lately
And what did you say?

He's the devil
Crazy enough to kill
Or so they say

Have you ever killed a fly?
Laughed when someone fell?
Made an obscene comment
When you saw someone cry?

So tell me, little boy
Do you think it's the truth I'm after?
I don't care if you did it
Someone has to pay

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