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Song for the Kids

This song is by Diesel Boy and appears on the album Venus Envy (1998).

Thanks for spending your dough on your new CD
I can't wait till June when we get our royalties
But the money you spent was not in vain
It was spent on plies of cocaine
Take your wallet's out and buy some merchandise
We've got records and shirts at an inflated price
Please spend what you can so we can buy a new van
Our old one broke down in Spokane
Thanks for shelling out cash to come and see our shows
You've been paying our rent and you've been buying us clothes
We love to see your faces out on tour
But more than that we hate to come home poor
Join our fanclub, buy our posters, idolize us today
'Cause we've got lawyers and accountants we've been meaning to pay
Please buy what you can
So I can buy a new amp
My old one blew up in Cheyenne

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