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Everybodies Doing It

This song is by Diehard Youth and appears on the album All For One, One For All (2000).

Once was blind but now I see
Used to be such a fool always trying to play it cool
I want to be remembered for what I am not for something I pretended to be
It makes me sad when I see so many kids following every trend
So many acquaintances but no real friends
It makes me mad when I see so many kids putting down each other just because of clothes, beliefs, or skin color
Why try so hard to be popular and who says what's cool
Whatever happened to the golden rule
Will it all matter
Ten years from now no one will remember
So let's be something better
It makes me smile when I see so many kids taking a stand, speaking out loud, going against the crowd
It makes me proud when I see so many kids coming together
Looking past clothes, beliefs, and skin colors
We all could be something better
So are you going to follow someone else or think for yourself
You can open your mind
You can make a choice
You can have a voice
You can think for yourself
I will open my mind
I will make a choice
I will have a voice
I will think for myself

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