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It is a day like any other
I'm looking out the window
The rain is dancing on the asphalt
The sky above me is gray
There isn't much to see here
It isn't especially nice
And could really be anywhere
For many, but not for me

This is my city
And I belong to her
This is my city
She is a part of me

Maybe it's the people
Maybe it's the air
Hometown can have so much meaning
But it's really a stupid word
Because it's business as usually
It is simple and straightforward
This good feeling from the past
And now it's back

This is my city
I know my way around
This is my city
Here I am at home

And on some of these streets
The memories come back
Of missed opportunities
And long-gone happiness
I'm standing on the riverbank
And the ships go by
This river is so old
But the water is always new

This is our city
And we belong to her
This is our city
We are a part of her
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