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The Time Has Come

This song is by Diadema and appears on the EP Unfair Exodus (2005).

Even evil gets flurried
Whenever you interfere something.
Even sun hides in clouds
Whenever you attempt to walk.

Madness is your destiny.
Loneliness is your other name.
Never try to be calm,
You can not mamage it anyway.

You are found guilty.
You had'nt done it.
There was somebody controlled
But these are just your thoughts,
Now, you must listen to ours.

The time has come
For you to be in pain.
Nothing is left for you.
You just need a bad end that will be rescued.

Always we criticized you.
Let's see how you will criticized yourself.
How will you give an explanation
Of what you have done?

I can't find an answer anymore.
Other lies are called as I speak.
There has been nothing bad to do anymore.
The time has passed.

If you don't know, we can help you.
Badness, laziness, forgery
Selfishness, conceitedness
Anger, epidemic illness, disaster and madness.

But, we are not guilty.
We can't change our fate.
We can't remove the fate
Written by our blood.

No, now it is just the time
To pain for us.
There is nothing left for us.
We must go to the place that we deserve.

In the end, there is no pain left to live.
Nothing is left to cry
No fate is left to be changed
No life is left to live.

From now on, we are all in the place that we belong to...


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