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Love Part One

This song is by Dexys Midnight Runners and appears on the album Searching for the Young Soul Rebels (1980).

They all dedicate lines to you
Thin lines, easy seen through.
Of course they do to be like others, who
All feel something I won't pretend to feel just for you
Because I've never ever wanted anything from you.
I've watched them marry up
Their wives and lives with ties and lies,
I've seen them fuck infatuation
And call it you so they feel safer
I hope you'll stay with them forever
Let them sit back and never dream thoughts like mine
Scared hearts running from you
Take longer to prove
They can sit back and laugh while others do
But still they hold you in awe
Am I the first to ever question you exist?
Why do I throw up when she says she gives me herself only for you
Or her belief in you is only for me
Sometimes I almost envy the need, but don't see the prize

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