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Wounds of Eternity

This song is by Dew-Scented and appears on the album Ill-Natured (1999).

The skies turn black
But I got nothing to regret

Stare inside of me
The open treasures of remorse
Fortune - malevolence
Rise in pride to fall for lust
They told me a million times
Play with fire and you will burn
Addictive betrayal-urge
Absorb the spirit to ill the flesh

The soil bleeds black
In annihilation
Come kiss these wounds of eternity
Wounds - of - eternity

Dreamdeath eternal sleep
The scars of beauty rip up wide
In search of tranquility
Temptation shivers down my spine
Unable to understand
Just try to read between the lines
Inherit this emptiness
Consume the body to heal the will

The skies turn black
Come kiss these wounds of eternity

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