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Will Is My Friend

This song is by Devendra Banhart and appears on the album Rejoicing in the Hands (2004).

One, two, three, four

Will is my friend
Will sings like John
Goin' back to California
Will is the west
Coast with me
Will is a pass
Is a plenty
Will is a good friend of mine
With whom I spend a whole lotta my time
The lemon tree
It laughs at me
It's growin' beautifully
The little vine
It won't unwind
And it'll wrap your whole in time
Now let's have a glass of wine
Now let's have another glass of wine
This is the water
In which we wade
This is our father
And this is how he strayed
This is the wind
And this is the breeze
I ooh eeee
Will is my friend
Will sings like john
Goin' back to California

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