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Lazy Butterfly

This song is by Devendra Banhart and appears on the album Cripple Crow (2005).

Lazy butterfly, napping on me,
Dreaming of the sky and roly polys,
Wake up, wake up, clouds are coming, clouds are coming.
Wake up, wake up, rains are falling, rains are falling.

Colors in my eye are staring at me,
Anchor at my side as sweet as silver,
Pleasure, pleasure, don't forget her, don't forget her.
Love her, love her, I won't forget her, I won't forget her.

Seashell fingernail, scratching at me,
Brown eyed lullaby singing at me,
Come on, come on, try and catch me, try and catch me.
Come on, come on, try and catch me, try and catch me.

Cotton old cloud smoke, I know he feels it,
Rising from an oak because I feel it,
He burn, he burn, mesmerizing, mesmerizing.
He burn, he burn, hypnotizing, hypnotizing.

Hopeful wise old worm in his temple,
Digging in the dirt staying simple,
Married, married, to the desert, to the desert.
Climbing, climbing, up a ladder, up a ladder

Purple hummingbird in the meadow,
Suckling at the flow of its shadow,
See the day fit your fist in, fit your fist in.
It's never too late, I'd like to think so, I'd like to think so.
Knife stuck in her paw someone help her
Gather sticks and straw and build it shelter
Don't you, don't you, let her die yeah, let her die yeah.

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