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Good Time Charlie

This song is by Devendra Banhart and appears on the album Ape in Pink Marble (2016).

Every look begins with a disguise
I saw it in your eyes
Me, I've worn them all
Mostly been a bathroom stall
An out-of-work blow-up doll
A memory you can't recall
Or nobody there at all

The desert dreams of oceans
She will never ever know
Give it a million years or so

La, la, la
La, la, la

Me and my policeman
Pulling over everyone we can
Sometimes I breathalize
And he gives the DUIs
I've asked myself once or twice
Is it love or just blood in his eyes

The devil dreams of paid vacation
Letting the old man win
But it's too easy to make man sin
The end


Written by:

Devendra Banhart

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