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Fancy Man

This song is by Devendra Banhart and appears on the album Ape in Pink Marble (2016).

I heard there's a brand new zoo in Thailand
So I hitchhiked on a private flight and got there, man, fast
I've greased every palm from A to Z, "hey mister, wanna date with me?"
I know what I've got to do and I'll do it

From the day I was born
The whole world's been my stepping stone
I come from a long line of people
Who've never waited in a line

I've got a dumb dance inside my pants, man
And I've watched all the latest shows on Bing-Bong
I rode a gift horse into town
"Free subscriptions all around"
You look like you could use a night in heaven

We're so in love, everywhere we go it's walking on the water
And suddenly all the pain and all the tears are music to my ears

'Cause I'm a fancy man
Fancy man
I'm a fancy man
Fancy man
Fancy man

I looked into my eyes and I saw order
An endless row of flowers along the border
It's not ordinary tragedy
Let the credits roll on top of me
First I'm going to do it and then I'll do it
'Cause Love's the yes within the yes
And everyone's walking on the water
Only the finest worms will feast on me so be sure to RSVP

'Cause I'm a fancy man
Fancy man
I'm a fancy man
Fancy man
Fancy man

Fancy man
Sometimes I get to thinking
Is this fancy thinking
Is this a fancy thought
I'm pretty sure it's not


Written by:

Devendra Banhart, Noah Georgeson and Josiah Steinbrick

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