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A Gain

This song is by Devendra Banhart and appears on the album Mala (2013).

Mama had such high hopes for me
Lover don't know where those hopes go
Mama's gonna buy me a DVD

When the Saint's marchin to the W hotel
Mama's gonna buy me new hair gel

Lover's gonna tell me love don't last
Mama's gonna tell me I ain't high class

Lover's gonna be a long lost biological father
Lover's gonna give me the worst day of my life
Mama's gonna tell me the world I thought was the world is not the world
Lover's gonna make me a hungry man


Recorded & Mixed by Marc Noah Georgeson, Devendra Banhart & Sumur Khouja at Maid’s Room

Produced by Noah Georgeson & Devendra Banhart

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