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Deep Inside Your Mind

This song is by Des'ree.

Making impressions in the sand.I use my feet... I use my hands.I make my mark on my land.I have the power to be free.Power to plan my destiny.You too can learn... you can be free.So rise and dust your ball and chains.The sky is calling you.Calling you outside to watch your pride.Don't fall prey to insecurity no.A champion... you were free.Happiness exists inside your mind... deep inside your mind.Wisdom's my goal... love is my pride.When I get lonely I hide inside.Hope comes in and takes me for a ride.I've been told so many lies ...these lies I have to analyze.Sure enough when the wind begins to blow.Fear and doubt can make you feel so poor.When patience starts to show... look inside your mind and you will know.You have to rise and dust your ball and chains.Happiness exists you'll find it deep inside your mind.Deep inside your mind (3x).Happiness exists you'll find it deep inside your mind.Get up get up come on get in deep inside your mind.Happiness exits you'll find it deep inside your mind.

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