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24 Hours a Day (Hooked on Whisky)

This song is by Derroll Adams and appears on the album Songs of the Banjoman (1984).

Well, I got hooked on whisky
It was a terrible thing
I just didn't dream the truth
Like swinging on a swing
I was flying high, I was flying high
I didn't want to come back down
Didn't even wonder why

Whisky, first thing in the morning
Whisky, last thing at night
Put the whisky here by the bed
God, don't turn out the lights
I am flying high
Don't even want to come back down for you
Let me go swinging, swinging in my booze

I lived by singing and playing
With booze, it didn't work so good
My hands began to shake so bad
My head was made out of wood
I was flyin' high, flyin' high to the moon
I didn't want to come back down
Anyway not too soon

When I began to notice 'twas already too late
My health had really gone to hell
I hardly slept or are
I was flying high, thought I was doing good
Couldn't even count to ten
And my body hardly stood

Well, I still thought things were a-swinging
Couldn't even get out of bed
Then they took me to the hospital
Where they gave me up for dead
I was flying high, thought I was doing good
Didn't want to come back down
And wouldn't have if I could

Somehow we got me through it all
A chance in million, they say
Hope none of you ever'll make that scene
It's sure a nowhere way
You think you are flying high
You think you are doing good
You might not want to come back down
Probably wouldn't if you could

There are angels up in heaven
Devils down in hell
But I am somewhere in between
And living sure feels swell
I am feeling fine, I am feeling fine
I don't know how or where or when
But I am feeling fine


Written by:

Derroll Adams

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