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All Alone

This song is by Dennis Wilson and appears on the album Endless Harmony Soundtrack (1998) by The Beach Boys and on the 2008 reissue of the album Pacific Ocean Blue (1977).

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If I could live my life again
I'd never do you wrong
You better know, oh

If I just had a chance again
To spend my life with you
You know, it's in my soul, oh

I'd be standin' by your side
Not to ever let you go

If I only had a chance to live a life that we belong
Would I be strong?
If I didn't take the time and never try to understand
Ooh, my love, where it's gone

In the sadness that our love is left behind
I'm standing all alone

If I could stand to love again
Plant another seed
You know, would it grow, oh

If I could share my life again
With all the love I have for you, my love
Would it grow? Where would it go?

Ooh, my love
Now it's gone
In the sadness that I love is left behind
I'm standing all alone

All alone


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