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Intro - Black Wall

This song is by Dennis DeYoung and appears on the album Music Of Styx: Live With Symphony Orchestra (2004) by Styx.

(Spoken / time = 1:00)
In 1986, I became associated, involved with the uh, Viet Nam Veterans Parade committee, which, um, put together the largest Viet Nam veteran's parade in the history of America right here in this city.
It happened really because I'd written a song called Black Wall, which is about the memorial. Are there, got any veterans here tonight? And um, my brother-in-law Chuck, who is a uh, Marine vet from Viet Nam, who's, was supposed to be here tonight, but uh, he became ill the last two or three weeks, he's been in a hospital so obviously we wish Chuck a very speedy recovery 'cause he's just, he's so pissed that he's not here. But this is for him and all the veterans of that war.

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