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Time is Progress

This song is by Delirious and appears on the album Time Is Progress (1999).

Here ou in the world today
The old days can't reinstate
The progress is not to stop
See the huan reaching for the top
For the nature it's too late
Cause the world can't control fate
What doesn't kill us makes us stronger!
But someday the present change

The turn of events, the turn of the tide
No one can hide
A new period of time has come
It would be a part of the programm

Modern machines - dying thoughts
Get into a fix
No more working in your head
Humanity makes her last breath
Born into the machinery little hope
And no escape
Fields of vision - no no dream
Don't ignore reality

Faster then you call to three
Modern product you will see
More and more arrive from sea
Observe these things carefully

It's a vision in this time
Technic makes not more crime
Mankind ignore what is right
No selfreflection by your side

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