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The Masses

This song is by Delirious and appears on the album Time Is Progress (1999).

In these times nearly every person is frustrated
There is no sypmathy at all - the deadline is crossed
The area of thought surrounds our naturalness

Loaded with no hope

See the world beginning to shine
Come out of your inner fear
Don't go back into old habits
Without rhyme or reason
Murders on your mindtrip
Provide with verbal reasons

Don't control the masses and ignore
The power of majority
Don't be distressed about your result
It's not a new disease

Look to our future
Forget all torture
Live with positive vibrations

Look to our future
Forget all torture
Taste the spirit of liberty

The infect of your opinion
Is the voice of your reduction
It's resistance against non fiction - revolution
A piece of research into the TV megastore
Unsuccessful it might be -
Information, devastation

Detected your better feeling
Come out and smell your freedom
The point of practice is fulfilled -
Evermore, forevermore

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