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Lost Identity

This song is by Delirious and appears on the album Time Is Progress (1999).

So open the eyes - thinking better twice
The profile must change - let your mind awake
Point the finger on - on the pulse of time
Stop the odyssey - come cross the line

Comeback from the field of vision
Stand for your own freedom
Let the past behind
To beat us all the truth
Forget the views from the last days
Everyone can be saved
Don't leave the right way cause them

The identity is LOST

Forget the rules you'd learned
Go a step in a new world
See some different character on your way
But don't listen what they pray
Friendship will be done
Never lose your brain and gone

Beliebe in what we say
Don't ignore the way
Different MINDS are there
WARNING for the urban warfare
Then you stand on the high rise building
Ready for the jump in the rest
There is a way to turn
Suddenly you see not a burn

NOW - I see - I believe - the words - told me
I've learned my lesson - START a new
Session - I learn - understand the aim -
In front of my eyes

Now it's time to return
To views of the last days
Reality catch me
But I escape, there is no doubt

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