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Time Is Progress (1999)

Delirious - Time Is Progress

Time Is Progress

  1. Time is Progress
  2. Lost Identity
  3. The Masses
  4. Dejected
  5. Act of Desperation
  6. Salvation
  7. Remember
  8. Helping Hand
  9. Fallen to the Magical Delusion

Designed By Violence (2001)

Delirious - Designed by Violence

Designed by Violence

  1. Forgotten Guilt
  2. Psychotic Disarry
  3. Death Voice
  4. Pale Existence
  5. No One
  6. Death Scout
  7. Where The Song Has No Name
  8. Contra State
  9. Quima De Araquivo
  10. Last Words

Additional information

Artist information:

Active: 1990-present

Band members:

  • Markus Keller Drums (1990-present)
  • Andreas Supplie Guitars (1990-present)
  • Markus "Betty" Bednarek Vocals (1990-present)
  • Christian "Spletty" Splettstößer Bass (2004-present) of Straight Fuckin' Forward
  • Holger Simon Guitars (2008-present) ex-Phalanx, ex-Custard, ex-Layment


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