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I'm Dyin' Fast As I Can

This song is by Delbert McClinton and appears on the album Genuine Cowhide (1976).

She told me one time not long ago
She said to get out and stay out
And please don't ever speak to me no more
Now I've been waitin' like a blind man in the street
Well, I'm not blind baby, baby I just can't see

I said, honey, give me a chance to make it up to you
I know I ain't been treatin' you like I'm supposed to do
And, whoa, these lonely nights won't let me be
I don't mind the pain, honey, but I can't stand misery

I went down to a bar in my neighborhood
Began to get drunk and, man, I sure did good
Now, here comes a big old stick with a policeman
Well, don't hit me no more mister, I'm dyin' fast as I can

Don't hit me no more mister I'm dyin' fast as I can

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