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Everytime I Roll The Dice

This song is by Delbert McClinton and appears on the album Never Been Rocked Enough (1992) and on the compilation album The Great Songs: Come Together (1995).

This song has been covered by Chris LeDoux under the title "Every Time I Roll the Dice".
She's got a roof that don't leak, when the rain's pouring down
She's got a place I can sleep. where I'm safe and sound
She's got a lock on her door, but she gave me a key
She don't walk the floor, but she worries about me

Her love has no strings, shackles or chains
But I'm holding on for dear life
She's like rolling a seven, every time I roll the dice

She's got a big Oldsmobile, she's got a dog that won't bite
She's got a heart I can steal, just like a thief in the night
She's got a slow burning fire, she keeps the radio low
When she gets inspired, we let the good times roll


Everytime I roll, every time I roll, every time I roll sing these 2
Everytime I roll the dice / lines 4 times

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