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Bad Haircut

This song is by Delbert McClinton and appears on the album Prick of the Litter (2017).

Empty bottles and dead cigarettes
A sad refrain from a world of regret
I know I could make it if I could just get up
But I'm stuck at home in bed with a bad haircut

From the sinner in the cheap seats
Trade question, oh that's the nature of the beast
Some fool tryin' to tell me a tall tell tale
I jump on my white horse Cadillac
And put my house up for sale

Love big egos
Spading hand
Tryin' to put roots down in vagrant sand
I had a part time job but it was just
Just too much work
I know labour makes my fingers hurt
I met a man out on the streets selling tickets for
Dollar at warrant
For a chance to get to dance with the devils daughter

All you can do is the best you can
And still you may wind up as an also ran
Nobody saves willing to cut me some slack
I woke up this morning with a knot in my back
It's getting hard to know these days just
Who you can trust
So I'm keeping a low profile
I don't make a fuss


Written by:

Delbert McClinton, Kevin McKendree

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