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The Dive (Let Me)

This song is by Deine Lakaien and appears on the album Deine Lakaien (1986).

Where am I
I don't know
Should I stay
Or should I go?
Having dreamed of
I don't know
How I feel insecure

City by night
The air is warm
Can I resist
All your charm
Can I ignore
Your sweet song
I'm so weak
When I'm alone

Oh let me dive into an ocean
Lights and music in never-ending motion
How deep will I fall
I don't think, I don't care
'Cause cities move on and no one will find me there

Never seen
Easy live
Frightened by
Peoples' eyes
Catch a glance
Try a smile
Say hello
Stay for a while
All around there
Wait for me
Our first night
In a new world
Will I disappear
Will I be heard

Oh let me dive...

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