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Stay True

This song is by Deez Nuts and appears on the album Stay True (2008).

DN is back still down for whatever
Still not fuckin' with fair weather fans
Still bout my friends and fam
See to me that's the key to this game
Show respect to everybody
And the real ones give it back the same
It's a damn shame so many fuckin' fakes
True to your face
But then they talk shit like fuckin' snakes
But it's cool I keep fuckin' with this shit
'Cause it's fact no one does this shit like I'm doing it

I make music for the ones who stay true
That's what I do
Stay true!
I make music for the old and the new
That's what I do
Stay true!
I make music for you and your crew
That's what I do
Stay true!

Don't get it twisted it's still fuckin' hardcore
Stage dives, high fives that's what I'm in this for
I ain't in this for money or fame
But if I stack a little change, fuck it I won't complain

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