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Pigs Is Pigs

This song is by Deez Nuts, features Louie Knuxx and appears on the album This One's for You (2010).

This song is a cover of "Pigs Is Pigs" by Grips & Tonic.
Mother fucker I smell bacon,
Pungent stench of a pussy a badge a grown coward made fakin'
You know the type never popular in school,
Couldn't get a bitch,
Bullies all made him feel like a fool,
So what did he do?
Went and joined police academy
Last ditch attempt at feeling like he's a somebody,
Couple years down the track look where he's at,
Cute little uniform,
Badge hat and a gat to match,
Now he feels like he's untouchable,
Found a remedy fuckin' with everybody not just those committing felonies,
Bullyin' kids over serving and protecting,
Profiling and corruption leaves no time for real crime,
But I got news for you ignorant pricks,
Most dudes think you ain't shit so suck a million dicks,
Man I'm sorry you ain't get enough hugs when you was kids
But you need to stop fuckin' with the kids,
Shit pigs is pigs,
They always wanna know you business,
Pigs is pigs,
And they can burn in hell,
Die alone,
Eat a dick,
Get bumped,
Fuck it I said it man,
Pigs is pigs,
Why you sweatin' on me partner,
Wanna start a mother fucker who'll gut a pig have him drippin' out some blood uh uh,
You ain't gon' put your shit on this kid,
Fuckin' with me or my crew got knuckles you can kiss pig,
Fuckin' cunt shoulda stayed in your pen,
Ignorant to put that suit on what a shame you is then communities not a part of it,
Racist bigot always looking tryna start some shit,
Profile me I will profile you,
Cause anyone who joins the force must be a docile dude,
So smile when I roll by fueled off that liqour with a clique'a that'll co-sign fued,
I do a show and make your weeks pay check,
When I see a pig then he's my enemy I bet we never free 'cause they breathe (down) my neck,
Leprosy of the earth let 'em bleed breath (eren),
Everyday off my life I'm like fuck you pig,
To your kids and your wife it's still,
Fuck you pig,
You wonder why my nuts so big?
'Cause I seen what you can do and that's nothin' pig.

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