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Rep Your Hood (2007)

Deez Nuts - Rep Your Hood

Rep Your Hood

  1. In Your Mouth
  2. There's a Party Over Here, Ain't Shit Over There (featuring Ben Coyte)
  3. Rep Your Hood (featuring Ben Coyte)
  4. Fair Weather Fans (featuring Andrew Neufeld and Joel Hamlin)
  5. Sex Sells
  6. BF & FF (featuring Andrew Neufeld)

Stay True (2008)

Deez Nuts - Stay True

Stay True

  1. Stay True
  2. Damn Right
  3. Love. Hate. (featuring Jamie Hope)
  4. Fuck What You Think
  5. I Hustle Everyday
  6. It's Like That, and That's the Way It Is
  7. Tonight We're Gonna Party... (featuring Louie Knuxx, Ahren Stringer and Jamie Hope)
  8. Like There's No Tomorrow (featuring Joel Birch)
  9. Your Mother Should've Swallowed You
  10. Move Back (featuring Louie Knuxx)
  11. Never Grow Up
  12. F.T.W.
  13. Fight for Your Right (cover of "(You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (To Party!)" by Beastie Boys)

This One's for You (2010)

Deez Nuts - This One's For You

This One's for You

  1. How About Some Hardcore?
  2. Don't Call It a Comeback
  3. This One's for You
  4. Can't Resist
  5. DTD (featuring Ben "Gonz" Dunn)
  6. Go Veg
  7. I Don't Give a Mother Fuck
  8. If You Don't Know, Now You Know (featuring Oliver Sykes)
  9. Pigs Is Pigs (featuring Louie Knuxx)
  10. Party Song
  11. Free Music (Bonus track)

Bout It! (2013)

Deez Nuts - Bout It!

Bout It!

  1. Bout It
  2. Shot After Shot
  3. Not a Face in the Crowd (featuring Freddy Madball)
  4. Keep On
  5. Popular Demand
  6. Go Fuck Yourself (featuring Jamey Jasta)
  7. Don't Act Like You Don't Already Know
  8. What We Eat Don't Make You Shit
  9. Call to Arms
  10. Streets Are Watching (featuring Jonathan Blake and Mark "Face Face" Heylmun)
  11. Public Service Announcement (featuring Hoya Roc)
  12. Unfuckwithable (featuring Sean Murphy and Wayne Lozinak)
  13. I.D.K.W.Y.T.Y.A.B.I.K.W.D.G.A.F.A.Y.
  14. Life You Live
  15. True Colors
  16. Band of Brothers (featuring Sam Carter)

Word Is Bond (2015)

Deez Nuts - Word Is Bond

Word Is Bond

  1. Word
  2. Yesterday (featuring Dre Faivre)
  3. Pour Up
  4. What's Good
  5. Behind Bars (featuring Andrew "Goose" Neufeld)
  6. What I Gotta Do
  7. Chess Boxin'
  8. Don't Wanna Talk About It
  9. Face This on My Own
  10. Wrong Things Right
  11. Understand
  12. Party at the Hill (featuring Drew York)
  13. The Message
  14. Word Is Bond

Binge & Purgatory (2017)

Deez Nuts - Binge & Purgatory

Binge & Purgatory

  1. Binge
  2. Purgatory
  3. Antidote (featuring Scott Vogel)
  4. Commas & Zeros
  5. Break Out
  6. Discord
  7. Lessons Learned (featuring Jamey Jasta)
  8. Carried by Six
  9. Cakewalk
  10. For What it's Worth
  11. Hedonistic Wasteland
  12. Remedy
  13. Do Not As I Do

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