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Do You Remember

This song is by Debelah Morgan and appears on the compilation Urban Renewal (2001).

This song is a cover of "Do You Remember?" by Phil Collins.
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Do You Remember?
(Hear this)
(That's right)
(Throw your hands up)

We never talked about it (uh)
But I hear the blame was mine
I'd call you up to say I'm sorry (what)
But I wouldn't wanna waste your time (uh, we keep 'em bouncin', y'all)

'Cause I love you, but I can't take any more (woo)
There's a look I can't describe in your eyes (that's right)
If we could try like we tried before
Would you keep on telling me those lies? (c'mon)

Do you remember? (uh huh)
Do you remember? (that's right)

There seemed no way to make up
'Cause it seems your mind was set
Ooh, and the way you looked, it told me
It's a look I know I'll never forget (make 'em bounce)

You could've come over to my side, yeah (uh)
You could've let me know, baby (uh uh, uh uh, uh)
You could've tried to see the difference between us (what?)
But it seemed so far for you to go (throw your hands up)

Baby, (uh) do you remember?
Do you remember? (that's right)
Oh oh, baby, do you
Oh oh

Through all of my life, baby
In spite of all of the pain
You know, people are funny sometimes
'Cause they just can't wait to get hurt again

So do you remember? (what, what)
Baby, do you remember?

Things we won't recall
The feelings we'll never find
It's taken so long to see it
'Cause we never seemed to have the time (oh, baby)

There was always something more important to do (uh)
More important to say, baby
But "I love you" wasn't one of those things
And now it's too late (throw your hands up)

Do you remember
How much I love you

(Uh, uh)
(Make 'em bounce, uh uh)
(Stargate, uh)


Written by:

Phil Collins

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