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The Beyond

This song is by Deathchain and appears on the album Death Gods (2010).

(Music and Lyrics by Corpse)

Yaji Ash-Shuthath!

When there were none in the nothingness
Beyond Tharh al Dubb al Akbar came Sothoth
Creator and destroyer of the gates
The glowing sphere who lies beyond

The transcendent lord of a thousand colors
Whose gates shall set the horrors free

The All In One Who Is One In All
Who descended before man's creation
Monoliths we carve for Thy glory
Underneath the Watcher's eyes

Yog-Sothoth, may your names be known!
Mighty Beyond One, may your names be known!

Yaji Ash-Shuthath!

God of portals, create a way
Open wide the head of the dragon
Unnamable hungers are awakened
The ancient conquerors are coming

(Solo: Corpse)

You know all things that are
That were, and that shall be
Beyond One!
Your body is the shifting universe
Of everlasting chaos

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