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Heck of a day

This song is by Death SS and appears on the album The Seventh Seal (2006).

I've lost my strength, I've lost my pride
And all my excuses turned into lies

I wrote my thoughts on the wall
But I am left with nothing at all

I wanna get rid of my apathy
I know that's all is left of me

I have misses my way
On a heck of a day
Life has gave me a chance
But I threw it away

Same old faces, timeless days
I see my life left to decay

And the walls that I create
No, cannot hide the things I hate

I stand alone to dig this hole
And try to fill my empty soul

Please make it go away
My days are cold and gray
I need a new today

Don't let it end this way
I'm tired to whine and pray
No, I don't wanna stay
On a heck of a day

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