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Sleep Tight

This song is by Death Cab for Cutie and appears on the album Death Cab For Fiver (2000) by Death Cab For Cutie / Fiver.

Sleep tight, we'll drive all night
Turn pikes across state lines...

Hand claps are fading fast, but you still can't believe it's passing
These nights are fading fast, so we made toasts until midnight
Six hundred miles will be soon cut two inches from
Just rest and play that tape we got from them in Detroit

Sleep tight, we'll make it tonight
Turn pikes and small street signs...
Traded slowings of what was missed and
Broke down in the downstairs?

Recited the ten ton fuse that gave way to the new sound
Night caps are sinking fast and tight chorus Sundays
Tomorrow we'll head highways
Right now it's the holiday; all a loss

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