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Did I Shave My Legs For This? (1996)

Deana Carter - Did I Shave My Legs For This?

Did I Shave My Legs For This?

  1. I've Loved Enough To Know
  2. We Danced Anyway
  3. Count Me In
  4. If This Is Love
  5. Love Ain't Worth Making
  6. Before We Ever Heard Goodbye
  7. How Do I Get There
  8. Strawberry Wine
  9. That's How You Know It's Love
  10. Did I Shave My Legs For This?
  11. To The Other Side

UK Version

  1. Angel Without A Prayer
  2. Rita Valentine
  3. I've Loved Enough To Know
  4. I Can't Shake You
  5. Are You Coming Home Today?
  6. Did I Shave My Legs For This?
  7. Turn Those Wheels Around
  8. Graffiti Bridge
  9. Before We Ever Heard Goodbye
  10. We Share A Wall
  11. Don't Let Go
  12. Just What You Need

Everything's Gonna Be Alright (1998)

Deana Carter - Everything's Gonna Be Alright

Everything's Gonna Be Alright

  1. You Still Shake Me
  2. Ruby Brown
  3. Absence Of The Heart
  4. Brand New Key
  5. Michelangelo Sky
  6. People Miss Planes
  7. Never Comin' Down
  8. Make Up Your Mind
  9. Colour Everywhere
  10. Angels Working Overtime
  11. Dickson County
  12. The Train Song
  13. Everything's Gonna Be Alright

Father Christmas (2001)

Deana Carter - Father Christmas

Ftaher Christmas

  1. I'll Be Home For Christmas
  2. The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire)
  3. Merry Christmas Darling
  4. Blue Christmas
  5. Johnny's Snowman
  6. Let It Snow
  7. Silent Night
  8. Winter Wonderland
  9. White Christmas
  10. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

I'm Just A Girl (2003)

Deana Carter - I'm Just a Girl

I'm Just a Girl

  1. I'm Just A Girl
  2. There's No Limit
  3. You And Tequila
  4. Me And The Radio
  5. Cover Of A Magazine
  6. Wildflower
  7. Twice As Worth It
  8. Eddie
  9. Waiting
  10. Liar
  11. Goodbye Train
  12. Girls' Night

The Story Of My Life (2005)

Deana Carter - The Story of My Life

The Story of My Life

  1. Girl You Left Me For
  2. One Day At A Time
  3. Ordinary
  4. In A Heartbeat
  5. Katie
  6. Atlanta & Birmingham
  7. She's Good For You
  8. Not Another Love Song
  9. Sunny Day
  10. Getting Over You
  11. The Story Of My Life

The Chain (2007)

Deana Carter - The Chain

The Chain

  1. Crying
  2. Help Me Make It Through The Night
  3. Love Is Like A Butterfly
  4. The Boxer
  5. Lay Lady Lay
  6. The Weight
  7. I'm Not Lisa
  8. Swinging
  9. On The Road Again
  10. Good Hearted Woman
  11. He Still Thinks I Care
  12. Old Man

Southern Way Of Life (2013)

Deana Carter - Southern Way Of Life

Southern Way Of Life

  1. You Can't Stay
  2. Before You Left
  3. I Know Better
  4. I'll Save My Love For You
  5. I Don't Want To
  6. That's Just Me
  7. Waiting For You To Come Home
  8. I Barely Knew
  9. Do Or Die
  10. Southern Way Of Life

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Other Songs

  1. Boogie Woogie Santa
  2. Carol Of Te Bells
  3. Emmanuel

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Deana Carter is a performance name for Deana Kay Carter.

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1994 - 2007, 2010 - present


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