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Money Is A Problem

This song is by Dean Martin.

Money is a problem is a problem
A problem on the rich can comprehend
If money is a problem is a problem
I wish I had
A couple of problems to spend

If I just had a little bit of time to spare
I could form a society for the protection of the poor unhappy millionaires

(Money is a problem is a problem)
A Texan begins to learn it when he's two
(Money gets you in a spot just once you start without)
(And you cannot buy another person's heart with it)
So how come them that has it hates to part with it
Money is a problem (Is a problem)
But say the word and I'll gladly trade problems with you

(You would) Like that

If I were a millionaire (If you were a millionaire)
I'd buy me a couple of yachts real quick and keep one as a spare
If I had a lot of loot (If you had a lot of loot)
I'd find me a tailor to whip me up a platinum pin-striped suit
He who steals my purse steals trash the wise men say
But that's 'cause wise men ain't got nothing anyway

(Money is a problem)
(A problem that only wealthy folks pursue)
(We know from where you stand a million bucks is fine)
(But too much gold can burn you just like too much sun)
I don't want to be a millionaire
I just want to live like one

Money is a problem is a problem
And any millionaire will tell you it's true
Boo hoo
And any millionaire will tell you it's true

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