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Stubborn Cupboard

This song is by Dead Kid Harvester.

You arrive home to a crumbling doorstep and an open door into the laundry where the cats jump two metres high.
And then you stub your toe on the carpet of the steps as you wander up to the kitchen and watch the snow falling inside.
You rub your fingers around on the snow until your fingertips turn black.
And you slip and slide around and you soap up the floor to slip even more.
And then someone comes in through the door and it's not a human but a tiger.
So you have to run and hide but you don't want a cupboard because it's a dead end
So you slip around the other way through the lounge and stub your toe on the stairs some more
And then you pull your dick out of the shoe as you hear the doorbell ring
And you shout at the top of your lungs to let them know your strife.

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