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This song is by Dead Kid Harvester and appears on the album The First Sign of Madness (2018).

Despite the tales of creatures unknown,
I spent the night alone
In a haunted house out on a prairie.
And in the dead gloom of dusk,
Dare I say I saw a fairy.
When you've seen something new,
It's too late to undo
The gasp at the tip of your tongue.
Dressed in black,
Don't try to turn back,
She told me not to worry.
And to my surprise,
In her uranium eyes,
I saw a hint of desire.
There is something sweet
Where forked roads meet,
That a weather girl can't describe.
I stood for a time
Under a radioactive spell,
Then plummeted into cosmological implosion.
In the blink of an eye,
Lonely ground and foggy sky.
The rain came down,
But I had nothing left to wash away.

Despite the force of cold and isolation,
I spent my life unwound
In a hut up on a glacier.
Trapped in a haunted river
Of creaks and moans,
The echo of laughter
Too powerful for any ghostbuster.
Every white breath multiplying the haze,
Inching along as clocks spun like crazy.
Then the altitude of my colourless pillow became extinct,
And this iceberg slipped into the lively ocean.
Cold and separate at first,
But it feels so good to be melting.

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