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Psychopathic Influence

This song is by Dead Kid Harvester and appears on the album The First Sign of Madness (2018).

Before you kill yourself today,
Stop to think:
Why'd you want to do it anyway?
Don't put that gun to your head.
It's much more fun killing someone else instead!

I rise up from a bubbling abyss
To take control of a mind that nobody will miss.
Doctors prescribe chlorpromazine
When what's really needed is an exorcism.

C'mon caress that knife, wouldn't it be a surprise
If it was an early birthday present for your wife?

You sit in your parlour on a pension,
Safe from us creeps thanks to electric fencing
Surrounding the compound where they keep
The mad ones with whom I sleep.

Lock and load that gun, I'll tell you how to have fun,
Splatter some brains across the wall when you point it at your son.

Four walls guarding keep the sanity out.
A splitting headache as you scream and shout.
Programmed to commit unspeakable sins.
You'll find they do nothing to keep the madness in.

My chainsaw is my favourite but I can let you play with it,
I really suggest you ought to put it to your daughter
For a blood-curling midnight slaughter.

I would so love to be the one who set you free,
I charge only a minimal fee.
One soul for a lifetime of satisfaction

So that's the story about a man named Jed.
Possessed by the demon inside his head.
Damned his family with a poisonous kiss.
Down through the ground to that bubb-a-lin' abyss.
Hell that is, torment, the underworld.

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