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Proz' for Ma 'Hoes (Prozac Loops mix)

This song is by Dead Kid Harvester, features Jase Cheese Motherfuckers and appears on the album I Only Liked the Neglected Demos (2012).

I have a dream that people of all colours will respect
Respect Jason Cheese Motherfuckers!

Kiss my motherfuckin' wrinkly ass you dirty fuckin' cheap whores.
Getting high on fuckin' anti-depressants.
You dirty fuckin' lesbo bitches.
Proz' for mom-lookin' 'hoes.

What the fuck do you call this shit?
Play some fuckin' phat beats, Jason Cheese Motherfuckers.
Yeah baby here comes the real shit.

Proz' for ma 'hoes.
Fifteen pills a day
For those who can pay.
Sniff them,
It's more fun this way.

Proz' for ma 'hoes.
Stoop to the loop of fruit.
Sore for the whore that rooted and looted.
You whore lawsuit fruit loop soup stoop down to my power.
You can't have my flower
When you join me in the shower.

Proz' for ma 'hoes.
You like suckin' toes.
What if that fungus grows?
Who knows,
Maybe that smell shows.

Proz' for ma 'hoes,
Here's Jase and Harves in the city.
Too cool for you, ain't that a pity?
Whores to my left, sluts to my right.
Midgets in my bed, I'll be busy all night.
I'll give 'em Prozac
When I climb in the sack,
So hit the road Jack
With a great big whack.
Bow down Cheese Motherfuckers.
Jase and Harves attack.

Proz' for ma 'hoes.
Whichever way the wind blows.
Only god knows
Where your fungus grows.

Play with my 'hoes.
Play with my 'hoes.
Play with my nose.
Play with my nose.
Proz' play with your nose.
Proz' with your mouth.
Proz' yuck.
Prozac for scats!
You bastards.
You are a bitch.
Go, take your Prozacs, bastards.
You're Proz' bitch!

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