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Harvester Kid Dead

This song is by Dead Kid Harvester and appears on the album The First Sign of Madness (2018).

Planet Earth will never last forever, and fighting is futile so why even bother? Tolerate your brother, live as one and prosper together into the future beyond the death of the sun.

Humans are a dying species, outnumbered by living dead zombies. Caught in the tangle of a concrete jungle, the hustle and bustle of a constant jumble. I survived the delusion, and in the confusion I escaped, but souls met their conclusion as they were raped.

People are puppets of production, mechanism moving, manufactured illusion. In a world of corporation, corruption, conspiracy, feelings of anger build up inside of me. Boiling blood, poison ivy to the mind, now unreasonable that which once shined. How regrettable this kind of recipe is no longer feasible.

I am the Dead Kid.
The Dead Kid is me.
Spreading the sound of insanity.

Confide in me and you'll have nothing left to wear to hide you from facing your number one fear. Divided by nothing, you know the end is near. Despite the rising tide, you slide beyond repair. You tried to fit in but now you've fallen off the edge. The spaceship is leaving, already out of reach, so sit beside me and melt on the beach!

I am the Harvester.
The Harvester is me.
Trying to reap what I cannot see.

I'm free from the strings but with my brain in a knot, the pain it stings as my conscience rots. Overcome by my weakness, incomprehensible trouble, I fade into the bleakness leaving dust amongst rubble.

Where was my future? It had rusted away, I realise as I witness destiny decay. I taste my last breath as darkness is falling, smothered in the sound of death itself calling.

So into nothing I slipped and slid, engulfed in eternal burning I became the Dead Kid.

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