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Stay Down

This song is by Dawes and appears on the album Passwords (2018).

Watch video at YouTube
Micheladas in the afternoon
Lie on the couch in a rented room
Watchin' Jeopardy! without the sound
It's easy to stay down

Quick mistakes and long goodbyes
Hold-over truths and necessary lies
I caught a train that was backwards-bound
It's easy to stay down

Stay down when your mind has been cleared
And your trail can't be found
Stay down with your eye to the sky
And your ear to the ground

Down by the pool with all my brand-new friends
Re-writin' letters that I never sent
Declinin' invitations into town
It's easy to stay down

Slowly admit that you have had your fun
The girl you loved and every word you sung
All the profane that you thought profound
It's time now to stay down

Stay down when the smoke is cleared
And you name can be found
Stay down with your head in the clouds
And your eyes to the ground

Feel the sting of the final blow
What could've been, you don't care or know
Don't try to go another 'round
Stay down


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