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On Glass (1986)

David J - On Glass

On Glass

  1. The Promised Land
  2. I Can’t Shake This Shadow of Fear
  3. This Vicious Cabaret
  4. A Seducer, a Doctor, a Card You Cannot Trust
  5. 4 Hours
  6. Night of the Silver Veil
  7. The Conjures' Hand
  8. Saint Jackie
  9. Crocodile Tears and the Velvet Cosh Revisited
  10. The Party’s Over

Songs from Another Season (1990)

David J - Songs from Another Season

Songs from Another Season

  1. I'll Be Your Chauffeur
  2. Fingers in the Grease
  3. A Longer Look
  4. Sad Side to the Sandboy
  5. New Woman Is an Attitude
  6. Sweet Anaesthesia
  7. On the Outskirts (Of a Strange Dream)
  8. I'll Be Your Chauffeur (Original version)
  9. The Moon in the Man
  10. Little Star
  11. Stranded Trans-Atlantic Hotel Nearly Famous Blues
  12. The National Anthem of Nowhere
  13. Nature Boy

Mess Up (2003)

David J - Mess Up

Mess Up

  1. Mess Up
  2. Goth Girls in Southern California
  3. Good to be Loved
  4. Jeanna Fine
  5. Mexican Drugstore

Not Long for This World (2011)

David J - Not Long for This World

Not Long for This World

  1. Because You're Gone
  2. Gloomy Sunday
  3. Dead and Lovely
  4. St. James Infirmary
  5. Hank Williams to the Angel of Death
  6. Spalding Gray Can't Swim
  7. Eulogy for Jeff Buckley
  8. Dagger in the Well
  9. The Last Cigarette
  10. Dress Sexy at My Funeral
  11. Farewell My Friend
  12. Not Long for This World

Other Songs

  1. Being Boring
  2. Justine
  3. The First Incision

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