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This song is by David Crosby and appears on the album Oh Yes I Can (1989).

You are my reason for being
In my life's coldest season
I keep on seeing you: Melody

I am such
A patchwork of a man
Out here trying to catch
Every whisper that I can
Of you: Melody

Wander, you know you wander
Through my life, all the time
Follow, you know I'll follow
And when I do
Then my life starts to rhyme

Sometimes I lose it
I abuse it, and I fall
Into the worst damn places of all

Sometimes I even
Start to close my eyes
And then silence
Comes to claim me as its prize

Suddenly, suddenly nearly
A song, rises up to fly
Oh melody, oh melody
Oh music, oh music of my life
I love you
I love you
I love you, yes I do, I love you

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