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Segue – Baby Grace (A Horrid Cassette)

This song is by David Bowie and appears on the album 1. Outside (1995).

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Test, testing, testing
This, and, Grace is my name
And, and I was, umm
It was that phot... a fading photograph of
A patch, patchwork quilt
And they've put me on these
Ramona put me on these interest drugs
So I'm thinking very, too, bit too fast like a brain patch
And ah they won't let me see anybody
If, if I want to sometimes and I ask
I can still hear some pop, popular musics
And aftershocks
I've been watching a television of, ah, in the homelands
That's the new homelands
And um, and that's all I can remember
And now they just want me to be quiet
And I think something is going to be horrid


Lyrics by:

David Bowie

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