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Life Is a Circus

This song is by David Bowie and appears on the album The Forgotten Songs Of David Robert Jones (1997).

Life is a circus
It's not fair
Life is a hard road
When you're not there
At the fair

Friends come to see me
[And the ...](point where shall I go)
To see the show
(To help my friend and foe)
(All that ..)
When will they realize
(To laugh and drag my name on the ground)
The circus must go

(Looking at the strengths of every)

Papa he talks to me
Don't try your heart
Gets deep inside you
Does you real harm
Don't you care?

Life ??
(And the ...)
Stand straight and true
(To help my friend and foe)
[Why let them ](Oh let them fight)
Fight your
Christ don't tell

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