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Stars On Sunday

This song is by Dave Stewart and appears on the album SlyFi (1998).

A man walked into a bar
And said ooh
And the barman said
Ooh where did you get that suit?
And the man said
Give me a drink
And the barman said ooh
Closed circuit TV
Spins round zooms
On a packet of cigarettes
Stays on the ashtray
And fingernails
And the barman said ooh
Maybe I just had a bad day
Program crashing
I hope nobody tries to get in my way
Solid traffic
Faces frozen
She came home
With cigarette papers
No compassion
Just a companion
She was cooking
A casserole empty
No connection
To our problem

Ice on the window
Hands on the wheel
The glove compartment
Holds a secret
Stars on Sunday
You on Tuesday
I don't know
If you can hear me

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