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One Way Ticket To The Moon

This song is by Dave Stewart and appears on the album The Blackbird Diaries (2011).

He wishes he could fly away
From all his yesterdays
If he could, he would gladly pay
For a one way ticket to the moon

All his friends try to straighten him out
I could hear him scream and shout
The walls were thin and he was pacing about
He was waiting for a one way ticket to the moon

I can hear him climbing the wall
He won't see callers and he can't take calls
He wants his privacy but most of all
He wants a one way ticket to the moon

Some people can't see beyond their head
Some people think they'd be better off dead
He kept saying somewhere he'd read about

One way ticket, one way ticket
One way ticket to the moon

That guy next door
He's a lot like me, he's got a lot of history
But I know you can't get nothing for free
Not even a one way ticket to the moon


Written by:

David Stewart

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