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|album1 = Dave Stewart:Lucky Numbers (2013)
|album1 = Dave Stewart:Lucky Numbers (2013)
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|language = English
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|star = Bronze
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|fLetter = N
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|asin = B00FBQE6VC
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|iTunes = 690634884?i=690636054
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|allmusic = mt0047747193
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|musicbrainz = 6d625c9b-b599-4243-9aa4-0ca89a59c9fd
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|spotify = 3StWEYbCYk34KZF36gBj9B

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Nashville Snow

This song is by Dave Stewart, features Karen Elson and appears on the album Lucky Numbers (2013).

I sat and watched you shower
With your long red hair
You looked so beautiful it was
Hard to go
I'm on a plane tonight looking
Down at the Nashville snow

We were laughing and talking
In a king sized bed
The way you moved your body
So graceful and slow
Now I'm on a plane tonight
Looking down at the Nashville snow

The church bells rang and we
Could hear their prayers
But we were slowly making love
We just didn't care

Now I'm back in Hollywood
Making movies about memories
Time recorded on film that way
I'm sure to know
That you were really there
Waving at me through the
Nashville snow

Your eyes are lighting up the
Screen here and I'm cryin'
Every frame reminds me that
I'm dyin', slowly dyin'

I'll always love you darlin'
You're like a diamond in my head
The way we kissed each other so
Delicate and slow
Sayin' goodbye forever as we
Stood there in the Nashville snow
Sayin' goodbye forever as we
Stood there in the Nashville snow


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