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Everyday Dirt

This song is by Dave McCarn and appears on the split compilation Singers of the Piedmont (1974) by various artists.

John come home all in a wonder
Rattled at the door just like thunder
"Who is that?" Mister Hendley cried
"It is my husband! You must hide!"
She held the door till old man Hendley
Jumping and jerking went up the chimney
John come in, looked all around
But not a soul could be found

John sat down by the fireside weeping
Up the chimney he got to peeping
There he saw the poor old soul
Sittin' a-straddle of the pot-rack pole

John built on a rousing fire
Just to suit his own desire
His wife called out with a free good will
"Don't do that, for the man you'll kill!"

John reached up and down he fetched him
Like a racoon dog he catched him
He blacked his eyes and then he did better:
He kicked him out upon his setter

His wife she crawled in under the bed
He pulled her out by the hair of the head
" When I'm gone, remember this!"
And he kicked her where the kicking is best

The law came down and John went up
He didn't have the chance of a yellow pup
Sent him down to the old chain gang
For beating his wife, the dear little thing
When he got off, he went back to court
His wife she got him for non-support
John didn't worry and John didn't cry
But when he got close, he socked her in the eye

Took John back to the old town jail
His wife she come and paid his bail
Won't be long till he'll be loose
I could tell more about it but there ain't no use

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