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Father's Son

This song is by Dave Hause and appears on the album Devour (2013).

I caught the fever when she went down slow
California sun had turned to indigo
Lip biting tension on the patio
Her carnivore fingers in my bag of blow
Vacation goggles Montecito sky
She wakes up and dazzles even when she's fried
She gave herself so free I barely had to try
A longing that neither of us could satisfy
That kiss goodbye... I left feeling free
Jungle life is savage when you're always stoned
I'd warm myself to her voice on the telephone
She made her way under my skin I should've known
Girls like her ain't ok just being alone
But fear is like a self fulfilling prophecy
I warned her she could always count on me to leave
That line about you can't have what you want "it's free"
And how I need to sail out on the sickening sea
I kissed her strong... felt it in my knees...
She said "well boy what if you're wrong? you could stay right here with me"
I said I am my father's son
It's a fate I can't outrun
While you lie in wait, I'll medicate then devour you just for fun
I am my father's son
Another couple visits and my grip had slipped
I get weak little knees when the script gets flipped
Lonely is an ocean I never learned to swim
Club feet won't evolve, I could use some fins
Sentimental fool with a stitched up heart
I tried to impress her with my stagnant art
My common ugly tunings and this poison pen
Maybe I could one day learn to just say when
But she said "love is about what you're down to do
It's not a stack of verses or a new tattoo
You'll never wake up feeling like you've just been used
And it's got no time for self abuse
Let's kiss goodbye and you can go on feeling free
Boy what you call love is not for me"
She said "you are your father's son
You'll devour what you can't outrun
So don't get me wrong, I love your songs and the time we had was fun
But you are your father's son"
I am my father's son
Devouring all I can't outrun
Like a fool I ran with my little plans always out for number one
I am my father's son


Written by:

Dave Hause

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