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Becoming Secular

This song is by Dave Hause and appears on the album Devour (2013).

They tried to keep their arms 'round us
They told us it was free
Their coffee and their crucifixions burned
Put scars on both our knees
That wishful drinking summer
So sweet and sinful you and me
Rolling 'round your parents hardwood floor
Getting high out in the heat (you and me)
You were lonely and I had a song
They told you we did wrong
And we hung there on that cross in your old room
I lost faith you were trying to believe
I play the memory in my head like a symphony
I tried to keep my arms 'round you
In the end it wasn't me
The pharmacy receipt with shaky hands
Was all you'd really need
To scare you into praying
To put your heart in retreat
All that faith and fear came racing back
Brought you to your knees
It was lonely but I got along
Singing these ragged songs
But lately I've been at a loss for words
Lost faith but I'm trying to believe
I play the memories in my head like a symphony
When it's lonely I'll get along
Singing these ragged songs
I pray you don't confuse my words


Written by:

Dave Hause

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