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Pocketwatch (1992)

Late! - Pocketwatch


  • released under the pseudonym Late!
  1. Pokey The Little Puppy
  2. Petrol CB
  3. Friend Of A Friend
  4. Throwing Needles
  5. Just Another Story About Skeeter Thompson
  6. Color Pictures Of A Marigold
  7. Hell's Garden
  8. Winnebago
  9. Bruce
  10. Milk

Touch (1997)

David Grohl - Touch


  • Soundtrack album released under the name David Grohl
  1. Bill Hill Theme
  2. August Murray Theme
  3. How Do You Do?
  4. Richie Baker's Miracle
  5. Making Popcorn
  6. Outrage
  7. Saints in Love by Louise Post & Late!
  8. Spinning Newspapers
  9. Remission My Ass
  10. Scene 6
  11. This Loving Thing (Lynn's Song) by John Doe & Late!
  12. Final Miracle
  13. Touch by Louise Post & Late!

Probot (2004)

Probot - Probot


  • released under the pseudonym Probot, featuring a different guest vocalist from well-known heavy metal bands on every track.
  1. Centuries of Sin (featuring Cronos)
  2. Red War (featuring Max Cavalera)
  3. Shake Your Blood(featuring Lemmy)
  4. Access Babylon (featuring Mike Dean)
  5. Silent Spring (featuring Kurt Brecht)
  6. Ice Cold Man (featuring Lee Dorrian and Kim Thayil)
  7. The Emerald Law (featuring Wino)
  8. Big Sky (featuring Tom G. Warrior)
  9. Dictatorsaurus (featuring Snake)
  10. My Tortured Soul (featuring Eric Wagner)
  11. Sweet Dreams (featuring King Diamond and Kim Thayil)
  12. I Am the Warlock (featuring Jack Black) (Hidden bonus track)

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  1. Mountain of You as Late!

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Dave Grohl is a performance name for David Eric Grohl.

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Dale NixonDavy GroltonLate!Probot

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1981 - present

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